Klask – How to Play

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Straight from the cozy pubs of Denmark comes this lively parlour game, Klask, that you must have in your home! Combining the best parts of Foosball and Air Hockey, players must use the magnetic handle on the bottom of the board to control their playing piece on top of the board, and hit the ball into their opponent’s goal.

Watch out! There are tiny white magnets on the board too and if you get to close to one, SNAP, they attach to your playing piece. If two magnets attach to you, your opponent wins a point, and if you maneuver your playing piece into your own goal your opponent can snag a point again!

Klask is an excellent, high-quality game that brings family and friends together for a rousing match of coordination and reflex building fun. Not only do we have the Danes to thank for Cheese Danishes, we can also give them a high-five for Klask!